Bootcamp True Cost Calculator

We Built a Coding Bootcamp Calculator To Help Prospective Students

Coding bootcamps are immersive educational programs that focus on software development. While the premise of a coding bootcamp is simple - enroll, learn, launch a career - selecting the right bootcamp is not. Prospective students have many constraints to consider, the most restrictive of which are program length and cost. We've spoken with thousands of prospective students and understand these constraints. These constraints became the foundation for the calculator.

Program Length

Most full-time programs promise to turn a new student into a junior developer in 12-18 weeks. Part-time programs make the same promise, but offer a longer, and sometimes more flexible schedule.


The price of the bootcamp is the most obvious cost to consider, though depending on the coding bootcamp, a student may incur a loss of income while enrolled. This can add tens of thousands of dollars to the overall cost of the program.

The Challange

Create a resource to help students compare bootcamps in top tech cities based on program length and cost. Optimize the bootcamp search with personal data, such as user's location and salary to help prospective students find the best bootcamp for them. This tool needed to be fully responsive and embeddable.

Full case study coming soon!

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