Bloc Program Landing Pages

A sampling of pages created for Bloc's online apprenticeships. These pages are vital steps in Bloc's prospective student experience, providing education, social proof, and important calls to action. Often times these pages are a user's first impression of Bloc.

Course Pages

Bloc offers 5 courses in development and design; iOS, Android, Rails Web Development, Frontend Web Development, and UX/UI Design. I created a template for all 5 pages. Below is an example of one, the UX/UI Design landing page. Each page has its own color scheme, illustrations and graphics.

Software Engineering Track Page

Bloc launched a new offering, the Software Engineering Track, in November. I paired up with an engineer to launch a new product page and update our entire marketing site in two days. Priced at $24,000, SET is Bloc's most premium product. It was important that this page and experience be both informational, and communicate a very high level of quality and craft.

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